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  1. got wyvern task, i hop random world, i see this https://gyazo.com/957fa63fbf05ec46398e03529eb300fe 5 secs n he hops
  2. killed kid on my ironman at yannile sandpit: https://gyazo.com/253e2461cbe9b80e14e67df629f0b91f coudnt loot his shit so he came n looted it back
  3. wtf is this? just me or for all of u : https://gyazo.com/dad76c3844ef2381d9f1420d8635a33b
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    2. Ali Tbeek

      Ali Tbeek

      yes, they're showing you how their screen looks. It appears that Oldschool rank members have their forums glitched out
    3. slawa
    4. Caz


      same for me
  4. Hosting gilded altar for ur alts, lmk on ts with u need it
  5. If any1 wants me to do their f cape on seasonals, pm meh
  6. Good shit guys, rot cleared after 1 week of slaving. Ended up making myself into top 32 n gonna improve next time. Had problems on gdz since most ppls didnt have friend finder for hitlist n most rot's high lvls was hiding under us, so maybe some1 make guide for next tourny how to setup everything.
    1. Caz


      We will be prepared to counter that next tourny, we got something up our sleeve. @the gr8 mate who did you end up losing to?
    2. the gr8 mate

      the gr8 mate

      @Caz name was lts glitched, some1 told me its that alch d long kid
  7. Taking orders on whips/trihard chins on tourny.Pm me. Wont sell any for gp during the tourny.
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    2. the gr8 mate

      the gr8 mate

      @Slava id like to do everything on pms or poke me on ts
    3. Joel


      Paljo haluut whipistä, en pääs nyt ts tai rs
    4. the gr8 mate
  8. dmm beta 21st of June 2pm BST
    1. Ali Tbeek


      Hope i can make it last 2 ive placed 21 and 16. Still cant believe i lost to seani and tubby lmfao.
  9. Lmao just realized that i'am gonna spend my 25th birthday playing last day of tourny
  10. 2 accs done, ez.Rank 2k was 1151, u prolly can still get in tourny if u under that, ppls will get dqd so check ur message center before tourny, u might be in
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    2. Help Where

      Help Where

      lol thats Priyen
    3. SLAY 2 SWAP

      SLAY 2 SWAP

      happend me to one of my accs previous tourney moved from 2013 to 1978
    4. Ali Tbeek

      Ali Tbeek

      Yep, was gonna say this too Gr8 m8.


      @Help Where don't worry bro, you'll most likely get in, last time they dq'd around 110 players and invited the new people who got pushed into top 2k hiscores

  11. spotted fools training for tourny https://gyazo.com/ea8d29767e2abb04d619fda4c328456b
    1. the gr8 mate

      the gr8 mate

      as i can see some of them going for venges n sufferings aswell, so there might be some compotition at gorillas
    2. Ari


      we just gonna need a fat gorrilla unit
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