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  1. was chillin at graves on bh world, random ass kid roles up skulled w/ ags, ghostly robes, lobsters, bronze axe. FREE AGS
  2. went to sleep > turned off alarm without waking up lul glad to see crystal shields worked out
  3. teleported to a kid doing family crest in BH. You never know what ur gonna find in BH
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    2. LiT Mikky

      LiT Mikky

      Sometimes, you wind a wild nigger tryna blend in at ape atoll
    3. Ari
    4. LiT Mikky
  4. https://gyazo.com/74495552e932e3a6a08274252c2abafd ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    2. Gnomen


      isnt that jed
    3. meggel


      return of the goat
    4. Ali Tbeek

      Ali Tbeek

      That cant be the same account? Cheeky was 126 wasnt it
  5. @RamboAndo how has your work been with the Venezuelan blackout?
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    2. Caz


      Might name myself JefeDeJefes "boss of bosses" and convert them to pking instead of hunting
    3. meggel


    4. LiT Mikky
  6. anyone know of a free way to convert osb clips to mp4 for camtasia?
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    2. Play LMS

      Play LMS

      yeah its a media file and wont accept
    3. Play LMS
    4. Play LMS

      Play LMS

      ahh i found a way to do it, used something called "handbreak" to convet it
  7. streamsniped nam on his slayer alt GG'd his fire cape :P
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    2. RamboAndo
    3. Play LMS

      Play LMS

      his comp actually shut down exactly when I found him lmfao. no clips i didnt record :/
    4. RamboAndo
  8. Make sure to qualify minimum of 2 accounts. Also a minimum of at least 1 Jed name.
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