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  1. Congratulations on being apart of the winning team. Tournaments have now fully closed, with no future dates in sight.
    An end of an Era, but $140K USD Richer.

  2. January 9th -- Eden DMM Tournament.
  3. Next Eden DMM Tournament has been announced for 9th January, @2pm EST
  4. Eden Multi Re-Run: 12th December, Saturday. Be there @
  5. Zaros in 4 days. Fresh server. It will be really active for the first few weeks. Worth trying. Lets go
  6. Eden Trial tournament this FRIDAY @ 3PM EST. (three day tournament)
  7. This Saturday we'll be doing a giveaway Event. Make sure to vote on the polls
  8. The tournament will commence on the 5th of September **at 2 PM EST/ 7 PM BST** for 2147M OSRSGP
  9. Eden Begins on June 20th. Ends on June 27th
  10. You have 2 days left to Qualify. Read #Announcements section on LiT Discord. Make sure you have 1,400 Total Level. DMM Worlds will cut off on Thursday!
  11. Make sure to start Troll Stronghold by speaking to Denulth in Burthorpe. Do it before the GWD event, because people will camp that shit and it may be difficiult to quest it after. You only need to complete up to step 2, where you attack Troll Dad to unlock GWD Access.
  12. If you have an alt account, and would like to help the Crafting Unit, comment below or message me on discord. Tasks include: Tanning hides, collecting hides, etc. If you would like to be a helper for about 2 hours on day 1, let us know.


      LAVADRAGOON ill collect hides
  13. 89 Users have signed up as participating in the dmm tournament. Only 61 of you are in the DMM Discord. -- Those who haven't joined the discord, message me or comment below
    1. Caz


      also be in teamspeak AT LEAST 15 minutes before tourny starts
    2. Helpin
    3. Ali Tbeek
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