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  1. Mikky is now a married man, go congratulate him
  2. Get on Eden boys, we are going to have a huge giveaway if we win this. Some money got rolled over from our last split.
  3. We got a couple ideas for giveaways (for the eden prize money) like LMS, some for seasonals eden. But if you have another idea post it here and we'll poll the ideas later.
    1. Mumen Rider

      Mumen Rider

      best acealexander photoshop for some prize money


    2. YoinkerRS


      3-24h thieving event in 07! max ehp wins!
  4. GJ to everybody who helped contribute to this Eden win, lot of big contributors came from Lit
    1. Ali Tbeek

      Ali Tbeek

      I don't recommend people download RuneLite+ HOWEVER, using RL+ whilst playing LMS is fucking hilarious. Been doing it all day
    2. Death Sr

      Death Sr

  5. I need a DEDICATED helper for tanning hides this tourny, you'll get paid good money per hour, get recognition and its not super click intensive
    1. Caz


      It's a 10 hour job at the start, also you'll need to get 55 mage on the runner for mage defences and alchs
    2. cRWL
    3. Caz


      Charlie is the man
  6. I'm going to UK to kick start my rap career after we win this next DMM
  7. We still got kits, 1 day left to qualify (Weds) https://gyazo.com/61544a8d789e097563f3a5e1fb64b666
    1. sn1


      Gimme gimme
  8. Qual sets are available PM iConvulsioN#7033 on Discord: https://gyazo.com/4a2b1b616def9c13f3420c1c882cf0b3
  9. Help me and @MoneyNoProb gather supplies for qual sets, we're looking at having them ready in a couple days. PM us on discord to donate.
  10. Everybody forgets about forums during the tourny but dump all pics and vids into this thread from tourny: https://lit-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/2866-tourny-13-pics-clips/
  11. Bond prices are kind of high right now so it's a good idea to put in an offer now and save yourself money on Saturday. Remember to buy on correct account or you wasted time.
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