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  1. To anyone who hasn't seen the highlight from today's LIT pk trip. https://streamable.com/9zgs93
  2. Made a video on why the new Crystal Chest is trash.
  3. POV for those who are interested.
  4. Full POV of the unfortunate ending:
  5. Just dropped Digsite. Gonna have to record again tomorrow, cause I literally ran out of material. Recorded 22 quests in 1 day and took me a week to publish them all.
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    2. Ali Tbeek

      Ali Tbeek

      Please refrain from words such as "going hard" those viagra ads will come after us
    3. Play LMS
    4. Caz


      ^^ he's got a hard point
  6. Made a really good Eyes of Glouphrie guide, quests getting a bit longer now. My 18th video.
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    2. LiT Mikky

      LiT Mikky

      I think if you make deadman quest guides it'll get lots of views.. cater to the solo player.
    3. Divine


      @Mikky Could not disagree more. Think about how stupid that sounds - make quest guides for the solo player on Deadman where there are legit 0 solo players. lol
    4. LiT Mikky

      LiT Mikky

      @Divine idk just make dmm guides
  7. I already have 7 quest videos out. Working on more. Once I get to the real content, I'll post active updates on here for stuff like MM2 and DS2. Here's my last upload, a 4:16 run of Fight Arena (8 seconds off my record).
  8. Expect a bunch of fucking videos soon. Taking over this YouTube game, Slayermusiq AINT IT fam. https://i.gyazo.com/98f4f530781874690759d611b226f6ed.png
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    2. Decode


      Poggers :D you're great


    3. F2P2007
    4. Divine


      I got 2 videos out already and another one uploading in a bit. Here is my 10:41 run of Dragon Slayer 1:
  9. New video is out. DS2 on my zerker.
  10. What an achievement. Nice to see that clan morale is still all-time high even without me. Congrats again, @@Jacobro
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