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#555 Lethal Intentions ~ The #1 Deadman Mode Team ~ 4x Champs ~ $81.5k Clan

Posted by Ari on 01 March 2017 - 09:52 PM





Teamspeak: Lit-Rs.teamspeak3.com

Youtube: LiT Official Video Archive

Forums: http://lit-rs.com/

Clan chat: Lit Rs


Originally known as Velocity in it's early months, Lethal Intentions was founded as strictly a Deadman Mode team back in November 2015 during the original DMM servers by @Ari, @Clutch, and @Victim as a small group of friends who wanted a way to pk with trusted people in a small but well equipped community. In the history of Lethal Intentions we've had many well known people in the Runescape Community squad up and join the elite. Some of these names include: Bonesaw Bamf, Torvesta, Big Bicep, Odablock, Alfie, Jenna, and many more. Lethal Intentions was not like your average DMM clan that is full of unorganized events and disoriented, mass recruited members. We pride ourselves on the ability to stay calm and organized in the most intense of situations, even with tens of thousands of dollars on the line. Our applications are strictly invite only and are not open to the public but there are ways earn an invite listed in the pinned topics in the Introduction Section.






Staff Team



BrCIEfz.gifAri AXX35iy.gif



k3JC7Gf.gifVos LRHcfGB.gif

k3JC7Gf.gifAli Tbeek 8kjfVna.gif

k3JC7Gf.gifClutch AXX35iy.gif

k3JC7Gf.gifCaz AXX35iy.gif




schtbN5.gifZeyk 8kjfVna.gif

schtbN5.gifMartin PkUCpZj.gif

schtbN5.gifPlay LMS AXX35iy.gif



Ltb0zoO.gifFatals AXX35iy.gif

Ltb0zoO.gifF2P2007 AXX35iy.gif

Ltb0zoO.gifBigPkWiener yFKVyLG.gif

Ltb0zoO.gifThe Gr8 Mate fOTvKrc.gif



RB3PQKw.gifYeni mnX43I8.gif



Divine j0CcLkq.gif




DMM Tournament #1: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #2: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #3: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #4: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #5 (WE WON): [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #6: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #7: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #8 (WE WON): [CLICK HERE]

LiT Clears Rot then AC: [CLICK HERE]

LiT Clears TATA+AC Alliance: [CLICK HERE]

Wildy Wars - Dicking Rot & Taking Home $2500: [CLICK HERE]

Jagex $10K 5v5 PvP Tournament (LiT vs Sanity, Abusement Park, & FOOLS): [CLICK HERE]


More to come...









Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6rFmM7AQqp

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#20779 RoT DDOSing in DMMT Finale Yet Again [Video]

Posted by Ari on 18 March 2018 - 07:35 AM

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#3430 Lethal Intentions Wins DMM Tournament #5

Posted by Ari on 26 March 2017 - 06:14 AM

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#14606 From Underdogs to....?

Posted by Ari on 13 August 2017 - 01:47 AM








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#25542 Lethal Intentions Public Discord

Posted by Ari on 17 September 2018 - 10:08 PM

Official Public Discord of Lethal Intentions


Join it and poke me for perms



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#17074 RoT Faking Events To Make Themselves Look Good

Posted by Ari on 31 October 2017 - 07:05 PM

So long story short: Mogtime held a pvp "world war" where he accepted invites from clans to attend, rot proceeded to make a bunch of fake twitter accounts of ranks from clans like DF, DI, Brutality, & us (to name a few) and sign up in our names to this "event". We know it was rot because of rot's history of claiming they are us and 2 of the only lit names they know are mikky and caz (the people they impostered). 


Rot had sign ups for this "World war" and made it seem like it was some huge event where it was them vs every clan (like they usually like to pretend) and then used Mod Jed to push their propaganda claiming their "Win"


















Who the fuck do these retards think they're fooling?

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#3539 [Spring 2017] Deadman Mode Tournament [#5] ~ WE WON $10,000!!

Posted by Ari on 26 March 2017 - 09:22 PM




The 5th ever Deadman Mode Invitational Tournament. We allied with some DL & CD Members to pull off the win. Our organization was the main reason we were able to slam everyone in our path. Rot tried their hardest to try and get leaks in us the final hour and they scammed members for rune cbows and blue d'hides and still didn't even stand a chance. Overall it was the best tournament Jagex has done yet. We did it boys :)!


If you have any images/videos of your PoV feel free to PM me/post it and I'll add it to the topic.


My Finale PoV:













Goodjob boys. Time to focus on getting another ring next time around :)

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#30970 Vos Wins Last Ever DMMT Finale BETA - Kills Psych Full Food

Posted by Ari on 24 May 2019 - 04:17 PM






Made Psych eat until out then killed him without eating once.







Support on twitter here:


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#23201 [Summer 2018] Deadman Mode Tournament [#10] ~ WE WON $22,000!!

Posted by Ari on 02 July 2018 - 08:47 PM



The 10th official Deadman Mode Tournament. This tournament took place in the summer so like usual Fools sat it out which brought Rot out of hiding and they decided to make playing mandatory. Throughout the week there were many hiccups along the way that you would expect in a "rot mandatory" tournament, worlds were getting ddosed, people were getting ddosed, and rot was constantly ragging certain locations to try to make it harder for us, tweeting constantly about it.


When the final hour started, Rot rushed us in singles and proceeded to get outspammed and demoralized to the point where we made them run away. Overall the Rads201 masser cc was joined together with CT and they all had an agreement with rot to off them and focus us, which we knew ahead of time.


I was assigned Falador as my final area and it was a complete steamroll, GDZ was a little bit shakey as the main caller for GDZ got ddosed as they rushed in but in the end both sides took the W and over 100 lit/cold members got into the 1v1s.


(Unfortunately many of our top brids didn't make it into the 1v1s due to being ddosed: Jordan, Micka, Lemonlime, Vos, etc)


The 1v1s went pretty fast with many Lit members making it into the top 16, and 3 of the top 4 being Lit members. @Brett "BrettDW" made it into the top 4 with only a black leather shield, climbing boots, and no piety. He came into the final hour with only a coif and a black d'hide set. @Jacobro and MankedUpMage were also top 4 sporting the full veracs veng build.


@Jacobro grinded all week and was able to take the Win against ALL his opponents in the 1v1s and came out with $20k in prize money becoming the first ever Australian DMM Tournament Winner. Which he had been long overdue for ever since the bullshit that happened in tournament #7 with purple island getting DQ'd. Brett & Manked each won $1000 aswell.


Huge shoutout this tourney to all the people who were selfless, put the clan above themselves, and went hard as fuck, we couldn't have done it without u, @Caz , @Supremebear , @Dani , @Aminuz , @Its_Glitched , and many many more.








If you have any images/videos of your PoV feel free to PM me/post it and I'll add it to the topic.



Finale Videos:


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#15600 Jagex Scam Us For $20,000

Posted by Ari on 24 September 2017 - 06:04 PM




Will jagex do anything?



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#14276 Summer DMM Invitational 2017 Awards Winners

Posted by Ari on 30 July 2017 - 11:56 PM

All of these awards are based on the voting we did 3 weeks ago on this topic: http://lit-rs.com/co...r-award-voting/
Didn't bother listing runner up if the runner up had under 3 votes. 
Congratulations to everyone who won an award and if you didn't win 1, go harder next tournament and try your hand.
Staff awards
Best Overall Staff Member: @Ari 
( Runner up: Ali Tbeek )
Best High Council: @Ali Tbeek 
( Runner up: Caz & Tfreeze )
Best Council: @Aminuz  
( Runner up: Stacy & Joel )
Most Dedicated Rank: @Vos  
( Runner up: Ari )
Most Helpful Rank: 3 way tie - @Caz , @Ali Tbeek,@Vos  
Member awards:
Funniest Member: @Joel
( Runner up: Mikky )
Favorite Oldschool: @Divine 
( Runner up: Gnomes )
Favorite Senior Member: @Piff
( Runner up: Yeni & Black Fishi )
Favorite Advanced Member: @Mikky
( Runner up: Help where )
Favorite Newcomer: @Its_Glitched
( Runner Up: Helpin )
Most Improved: @Black Fishi
( Runner up: Bigpkwiener )
Most Potential: @Tyler
( Runner up: Bigpkwiener & Chapo )
Biggest Virgin: @Alfie
( Runner up: Ari & Ali Tbeek)
Best Effort: @Divine
( Runner up: Aminuz )
Most Helpful: @Divine
( Runner up: Its_Glitched )
Biggest Stoner: @Stacy & @Stoner
( Runner up: Aminuz )
Best E-Couple: @Ali Tbeek & @Mikky
Biggest Grinder: @Ari
( Runner up: Vos )
Best Hybrid: @Vos
Best Warrer: @Ari
( Runner up: Ali )
Most Foreign: @the gr8 mate
( Runner up: Joel )
Best Voice: @Joel
Most Likely to Get Promoted: @Its_Glitched
Most Active on Forums: @Ari
( Runner up: King Jimm )
Most Active on Teamspeak: @Ari
( Runner up: Help Where )
Most Active Ingame: @Ari & @Vos
Most Likely to Have Not Taken a Shower During the Tournament: @Ari
( Runner up: Ariwan )
Most Likely to Get Hit by an Ice Cream Truck: @Shaco & @Dolfijnen
Didn't bother listing runner up if the runner up had under 3 votes. 
Congratulations to everyone who won an award and if you didn't win 1, go harder next tournament and try your hand.

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#15947 ROT Ddos Attempt on Lit Website

Posted by Ari on 02 October 2017 - 10:06 AM

From our forum host/web admin (he hosts/admins for almost ALL the pure clanning websites aswell):



(06:03:18) <slushpuppy> u know
(06:03:22) <slushpuppy> ROT tried to hit off ur site
(06:03:23) <slushpuppy> xd
(06:03:30) <LIT> how do u know?
(06:03:37) <slushpuppy> i get emails
(06:03:45) <slushpuppy> everytime sum1 ddoses my clanning sites
(06:04:05) <slushpuppy> o btw
(06:04:16) <slushpuppy> rot has some serious shit
(06:04:18) <slushpuppy> going on
(06:04:21) <slushpuppy> preivous previous dmm
(06:04:41) <slushpuppy> they knocked ur site offline for 45 mins
(06:04:45) <slushpuppy> this time round it was like 2 mins
(06:05:45) <LIT> rlly?
(06:06:01) <slushpuppy> ye
(06:06:03) <slushpuppy> they booter
(06:06:08) <slushpuppy> powerful af

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#8830 300M Giveaway Events [5/21/17]

Posted by Piff on 21 May 2017 - 10:45 PM

ef81ba5742f583ee0d31d7f2ac1611f8.png Awesome. Nice.

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#8821 300M Giveaway Events [5/21/17]

Posted by Ari on 21 May 2017 - 10:43 PM


Teamspeak3: ts.lit-rs.com

Forums: www.lit-rs.com

Clan Chat: Lit Rs




Today we had fun spending our 450M Eden Prize money so here's the break down on what we did:


OSS Brid tournament: 

1st Place (30M Prize) ~ @Stacy

2nd Place (15M Prize) ~ @Yeni

3rd Place (5M Prize) ~ @IHYN


OSS 2v2 DH Brid Tournament (20M Prize):

Winning team ~ @Joel & @Caz



People who helped win Eden who couldn't attend received 7M Each:

@Ali Tbeek

@Ice TeaX






MVPs that went hard on Eden and received no $ for going above and beyond got 10M Each:

@Help Where








Then we did a 140M Drop party. 

Hope you all got something and enjoyed! Be on for next Eden DMM :)<3

Post pics of your loot!



























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#23318 [Summer 2018] Deadman Mode Tournament [#10] ~ WE WON $22,000!!

Posted by Supremebear on 04 July 2018 - 03:34 PM

You don't understand how low it was this tourney. Morale was depreciating like Zimbabwe's purchasing power , but we turned it around a complete 180. The final day came and we all said "fuck it, lets try our best" we went into the multi battle hopeful, not necessarily confident. But once the fight began we went hard as fuck, threw ~350 chins playing two rag 99 range accounts 12k exp drop type of shit


True that. Day 4 or 5 I would have probably bet money on ROT winning based on the gear that they accumulated.

I was wrong and both ROT and I learned a valuable lesson. Never count us out: a week of slaving for gear is no substitute to great teamwork, trust, camaraderie  and excellent callers in a multi battle as well as all around superior player in 1v1s. 


When we have a player with top tier stats and gear: we win - Jacobro 

When we have a player without great stats or gear: we still win - Brett 


Next time let's make it a $32k tournament!

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#23234 [Summer 2018] Deadman Mode Tournament [#10] ~ WE WON $22,000!!

Posted by Caz on 03 July 2018 - 05:31 AM

Jacobro nailed those karil switches, shame Ditter didn't get k0'd because that would've been wild. Shoutout to @Brett too because I've never heard of a dude going from a coif to 4th place lmao. I said all week, RoT is retarded for camping GWD we're gonna smoke them in multi. No PvP content compares to the multi fights.


Gotta love Curtis's cheeky smile, he's one of the realest streamers. Fuck fake Alfie.

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#23212 [Summer 2018] Deadman Mode Tournament [#10] ~ WE WON $22,000!!

Posted by Divine on 02 July 2018 - 09:17 PM

What an achievement. Nice to see that clan morale is still all-time high even without me. Congrats again, @Jacobro



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#14281 Summer DMM Invitational 2017 Awards Winners

Posted by ratemeh on 31 July 2017 - 12:01 AM

Yeni irrelevant feelsbad :/

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#25549 Lethal Intentions Public Discord

Posted by Ash on 17 September 2018 - 10:48 PM

Bout time we got one of these, good shit.

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#19727 User Awards

Posted by Ari on 17 February 2018 - 11:58 AM

I have now added a system to make our forums neater and less cluttered while also being able to display each individuals awards and achievements within the clan. We will have awards for best tanks, best plays, mvps of tournies, mvps of jagex events like wildy wars/pvp championships, and much more.



Awards will appear under users profiles in each post like this:





When you click "User's Awards":





I am still working on Icons but this is the jhist of it. The icons will be bigger and there will be medals, descriptions, ribbons, and more.



We can have medals labeling shit like "Tourney 5 participant" and shit like that too so people can actually stack them up and collect them and make their profiles look sick. Pitch me some ideas.

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