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#13117 What to Do After You Intro

Posted by Ari on 10 July 2017 - 03:27 AM

The Lethal intentions staff team are fully aware of the sheer amount of applications and introductions we receive during the DMM Tournaments/Seasonals. While we understand people are eager to join the clan there are many factors to account for. The main factor being trust. Trust is something that is in-expendable and must not be overlooked. Each and every lit member who joined was either hand selected and then invited or did something to gain the trust of the High ranking staff members.
As many of you are aware, Lethal Intentions is an invite only clan but our introductions are open to the public. To gain access to apply you must not only reach the minimum 40 post count and activity/account requirements but you must be invited by a high ranking staff member. 
If, however, you would like to join the clan and have not been invited there are a few options in which you are able to prove your trustworthiness and dedication:
- The first option would be to spy/leak from another clan for a set amount of time.
Contact @Ari on forums for more information.
- The second option would be to buy in. We had this option very long ago when there were too many people trying to join, and this method was used to vet everyone, a one time payment of 50M osrs that goes towards the clan's treasury. It will be your way of proving your resolve and motivation to join the community not only for DMM but for the off-season events and many DMM's to come. The money will be used for future events, competitions and giveaways that we do within the clan and it is in no way for our staff team to profit off. It's solely to show your allegiance to the clan. Contact @Ari on forums or teamspeak for more information.
Once you are invited/buyin/spy for us you will be given permission to apply and will have pretty much an auto-accept unless you fuck up. After your application is accepted you will be put on Trial and after 4-8 weeks you will either be given member rank or removed, based on your activity or inactivity within the LIT community.
-Lethal Intentions Staff Team

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#555 Lethal Intentions ~ The #1 Deadman Mode Team ~ 2x Champs ~ $39.5k Clan

Posted by Ari on 01 March 2017 - 09:52 PM



Teamspeak: lit-rs.teamspeak3.com


Clan chat: Lit Rs


Originally known as Velocity in it's early months, Lethal Intentions was founded as strictly a Deadman Mode team back in November 2015 during the original DMM servers by @Ari along with @Clutch @Victim and a small group of friends who wanted a way to pk with trusted people in a small but well equipped community. In the history of Lethal Intentions we've had many well known people in the Runescape Community squad up and join the elite. Some of these names include: Bonesaw Bamf, Torvesta, Big Bicep, WTF S7ven, BoomEpicKill, Graphist, Born for PVM, Alfie, FunkyTacoSlayer and many more. Lethal Intentions was not like your average DMM clan that is full of unorganized events and disoriented, mass recruited members. We pride ourselves on the ability to stay calm and organized in the most intense of situations, even with thousands of dollars on the line. Our Deadman Mode applications are not open to the public but recently after winning the DMM $10,000 tournament we've decided to open up our forums to the public Runescape community.






Staff Team



BrCIEfz.gifAri AXX35iy.gif




k3JC7Gf.gifVos LRHcfGB.gif

k3JC7Gf.gifAli Tbeek 8kjfVna.gif

k3JC7Gf.gifCaz AXX35iy.gif




schtbN5.gifAminuz jEgbgrZ.gif

schtbN5.gifLemonlime AXX35iy.gif




Ltb0zoO.gifJoel fOTvKrc.gif

Ltb0zoO.gifSlawa 5y112ds.gif

Ltb0zoO.gifPlay LMS AXX35iy.gif





V the Victim




DMM Tournament #1: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #2: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #3: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #4: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #5 (WE WON): [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #6: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #7: [CLICK HERE]

DMM Tournament #8 (WE WON): [CLICK HERE]

LiT Clears Rot then AC: [CLICK HERE]

LiT Clears TATA+AC Alliance: [CLICK HERE]

Wildy Wars - Dicking Rot & Taking Home $2500: [CLICK HERE]

Jagex $10K 5v5 PvP Tournament (LiT vs Sanity, Abusement Park, & FOOLS): [CLICK HERE]


More to come...









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#11581 Have Fun But Be Careful

Posted by Ari on 26 June 2017 - 12:47 AM

Over the next couple weeks many of you will be consuming large amounts of candy, alcohol, sleep deprivation, and energy drinks. Remember to drink in moderation and take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and remember that caffeine is a drug and it CAN kill you.



If you think it can't happen to you take a look at this article about a high school kid drinking a very small amount of caffeine and being pronounced dead 3 hours later:




Stay vigilant.


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#3430 Lethal Intentions Wins DMM Tournament #5

Posted by Ari on 26 March 2017 - 06:14 AM

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#20779 RoT DDOSing in DMMT Finale Yet Again [Video]

Posted by Ari on 18 March 2018 - 07:35 AM

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#14606 From Underdogs to....?

Posted by Ari on 13 August 2017 - 01:47 AM








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#17074 RoT Faking Events To Make Themselves Look Good

Posted by Ari on 31 October 2017 - 07:05 PM

So long story short: Mogtime held a pvp "world war" where he accepted invites from clans to attend, rot proceeded to make a bunch of fake twitter accounts of ranks from clans like DF, DI, Brutality, & us (to name a few) and sign up in our names to this "event". We know it was rot because of rot's history of claiming they are us and 2 of the only lit names they know are mikky and caz (the people they impostered). 


Rot had sign ups for this "World war" and made it seem like it was some huge event where it was them vs every clan (like they usually like to pretend) and then used Mod Jed to push their propaganda claiming their "Win"


















Who the fuck do these retards think they're fooling?

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#3539 [Spring 2017] Deadman Mode Tournament [#5] ~ WE WON $10,000!!

Posted by Ari on 26 March 2017 - 09:22 PM




The 5th ever Deadman Mode Invitational Tournament. We allied with some DL & CD Members to pull off the win. Our organization was the main reason we were able to slam everyone in our path. Rot tried their hardest to try and get leaks in us the final hour and they scammed members for rune cbows and blue d'hides and still didn't even stand a chance. Overall it was the best tournament Jagex has done yet. We did it boys :)!


If you have any images/videos of your PoV feel free to PM me/post it and I'll add it to the topic.


My Finale PoV:













Goodjob boys. Time to focus on getting another ring next time around :)

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#12013 lce Poeisdon - Introduction

Posted by Real Fake Ice on 01 July 2017 - 03:15 AM

Current RSNs: 
lce Poeisdon
Previous RSNs: 
Why you need this info? You Tryna hack my acc nigga?
Location & Timezone: 
Canada, Eastern Standard Time, eh.
About Yourself: 
I'm a strong independant black woman that don't need no man. I'm a god-tier pker, an excellent PVM'er, a 4k ELO starcraft II Oracle Toss, and a pro girl-gamer.
How active are you on RS?:
About as active as Woox.
How did you find out about Lethal Intentions?:
Feeding yo' teammates in DMM tourneys, yo. Ask Ace, Bucks, and a couple of the LIIITS/seashells.
Do you have a pure/main? If so provide a screenshot of the stats?:
I have so many accounts it's not funny. I hoard them like Ay-rabs hoard oil. used to merch accs for gee pee. Tell me which one you want to see and I'll login to it and PM you.
Have you played DMM Before? If so, which DMM(s)?:
Every. Single. One. 
Chances are you've seen me on some livestreams.
Previous DMM usernames:
This question again? cmonBruh
What do you usually do on DMM?:
Fuck bitches, get money.
Teams, units, or communities that you have been part of or attempted to become part of:
I'm ROT Leader nigga. (Tried to join rot, gave up cuz they wanted some absurd postcount and screenshots and a bunch of info, too much work to join a shitty cheating clan). I had the req's to join, I'm maxed and rich, just lazy.
Do you plan on applying for Lethal Intentions?:
You okay nigguh? Why the fuck would I be making an introduction if I didn't want to be in your clan?
If your answer to the above question is yes, why do you want to join Lethal Intentions?: 
Well, I just got back from my trip to Africa (and it was great). First we landed in South Africa and while there I actually got to meet Nelson Mandela. He was a very gracious and interesting host.
Then we were on to Kenya. While there I got to see lions and elephants in the wild. A rhino actually chased the hummer we were riding in, but I think the driver prompted it to. I also saw a few giraffes and crocs. Then we went up to Nigeria and saw the different cultures of people that were there. I actually got to visit an internet cafe and check my emails!
Then we got a guided tour down the Niger River. Man that was the funnest part of the entire tour. I saw several large snakes hanging from trees and lots of crocodiles. Then we saw a gang of Ubangi-Lips rape a 6 year old girl and eat her father afterwards. It was awesome...

...and It made me realize something; I like black people and I want to learn more about them, and what better place to interact with blacks than here in LIT?
Who from Lethal Intentions do you know & how long have you known them?:
Everyone, I'm a social fucking butterfly. Know a few streamers too.
Have any Senior+ offered to refer you? If so who?:
Your fletcher loves me.
Who permanently closed lava dragons on Deadman Mode?:
I dunno, but whoever did should neck themselves for ruining my 6-hour-immunity money making method. ;)
Additional comments: TriHard

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#21777 Mac H's Introduction

Posted by Mac H on 12 April 2018 - 10:41 PM



1) Current RSNs:


Mac H

2) Previous RSNs:


Rank 1 Herb
3) Location & Timezone:


Michigan, USA. Eastern Time Zone. 
4) About Yourself:


Hello :D My name is Mac H. I've been playing Runescape since 2005. 



Outside of Runescape, I am a soon to be college graduate next month in May. I have a full time job lined up starting May 15th at an insurance agency that I've been working for the past 5 years. I sell business insurance (hotels, auto repair shops, etc.) that cost a lot of money. I make 10% of the total insurance amount (sometimes upwards of 100k, :P).  My job gives me a ton of flexibility, and I'll definitely take the week off for each tournament. I'm also an athlete; I just finished 4 years of NCAA college hockey and golf. I am also a book nerd, achieving a 4.0 GPA all 8 semesters in college. 

5) How active are you on RS?:


5 hours a day typically. 


6) How did you find out about Lethal Intentions?:


I've been around the DMM scenario long enough to know of LiT through watching tournaments. I also know LiT member 2faded/Not Rot Jed, and he suggested that I make an application :D


7) Do you have a pure/main? If so provide a screenshot of the stats?:


I have a main account. 




8) Have you played DMM Before? If so, which DMM(s)?:


Yes, I've played Seasonal 2 + 3, and now 10.
9) Previous DMM usernames:


Mac H
10) What do you usually do on DMM?:

 Leaking my secrets, eh? So for this past tournament what I did was rushed giant rats in edgeville. I had a really good range start and had 5 keys within the first hour. If you're interested in seeing my full start, watch my DMM seasonal day 1 video on my YouTube channel :) For the next seasonal, I'll be attempting to rush 67 Agility then go to Salarin the Twisted. 

11) State all previous clans, teams, units, or communities that you have been part of or attempted to become part of:


I've never been a part of any OSRS clan. I've rejected an offer from VnG if that counts. I'm an extremely loyal guy and if I get into LiT, I won't leave. EVER. Guaranteed. 


12) Do you plan on attempting to join Lethal Intentions? If so, are you aware that Lethal Intentions is an invite only DMM team and there are limited ways of getting in which can be found on the pinned topic in the introduction section titled "What To Do After You Intro" ? :


Yes, my goal is to try and get in through 2Faded's referral. 

13) If your answer to the above question is yes, why do you want to join Lethal Intentions?:


I want to join LiT because I'm sick of playing DMM solo. Also, from what I've gathered, LiT is among the most respected DMM clans, which really is motivating me to join. I also want to join LiT to make new friends, pk, and just have fun. 
14) Who from Lethal Intentions do you know & how long have you known them?:

I know 2Faded/Not Rot Jed.

15) Have any Senior+ offered to refer you? If so who?:


Nope :S
16) Who permanently closed lava dragons on Deadman Mode?:


Is that even a question? LiT ofcourse... ;)


17) Have you followed us on twitter @LitRsCom to stay up to date on current happenings? https://twitter.com/LitRsCom If so what is your twitter name? [If you plan on joining then THIS IS REQUIRED]:


Yes, please follow me at @machrunescape. If you have any video suggestions, please DM me on there. 



18) Additional comments:


From the introduction so far, I've made a few references to YouTube videos. Some may know me as a YouTuber, most probably won't. I only have 7.5k subscribers but I thoroughly enjoy it. I have over 2 million views as well. My most popular videos are my top 5 videos, I'll link one of my newer ones that blew up below. It has 148k+ views, if you're at all active on YouTube then you've probably seen it, as the video hit suggested/recommended.




I've also recently cleared my friends list for LiT members. If you have a free space and want to add me, just pm me "Mac H" :)


I am super excited to start meeting you lads.



Mac H

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#19872 PileDeezNutz Introduction

Posted by PileDeezNutz on 23 February 2018 - 10:13 AM

Hi, I'm rsn: PileDeezNutz. @AliTbeek's older brother. I'll be playing this DMM Tourny. I'm an oldschool LIT member, and have been pretty aware of what's been happening just by virtue of living together. 

Been working full time and supplying Ali with membership, so haven't had time to play in a while/lost interest in the game.
 But this time it's 8 days and i've got 10 days off work, so i'm going all in. 

The last time I played a DMM tourny was this tourny: https://youtu.be/06FDavdrx2g?t=48m35s (timestamp selected already -- b0aty's POV)

I won't make it to the meeting, but i'll be present for everything else. 

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#15947 ROT Ddos Attempt on Lit Website

Posted by Ari on 02 October 2017 - 10:06 AM

From our forum host/web admin (he hosts/admins for almost ALL the pure clanning websites aswell):



(06:03:18) <slushpuppy> u know
(06:03:22) <slushpuppy> ROT tried to hit off ur site
(06:03:23) <slushpuppy> xd
(06:03:30) <LIT> how do u know?
(06:03:37) <slushpuppy> i get emails
(06:03:45) <slushpuppy> everytime sum1 ddoses my clanning sites
(06:04:05) <slushpuppy> o btw
(06:04:16) <slushpuppy> rot has some serious shit
(06:04:18) <slushpuppy> going on
(06:04:21) <slushpuppy> preivous previous dmm
(06:04:41) <slushpuppy> they knocked ur site offline for 45 mins
(06:04:45) <slushpuppy> this time round it was like 2 mins
(06:05:45) <LIT> rlly?
(06:06:01) <slushpuppy> ye
(06:06:03) <slushpuppy> they booter
(06:06:08) <slushpuppy> powerful af

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#15600 Jagex Scam Us For $20,000

Posted by Ari on 24 September 2017 - 06:04 PM




Will jagex do anything?



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#14276 Summer DMM Invitational 2017 Awards Winners

Posted by Ari on 30 July 2017 - 11:56 PM

All of these awards are based on the voting we did 3 weeks ago on this topic: http://lit-rs.com/co...r-award-voting/
Didn't bother listing runner up if the runner up had under 3 votes. 
Congratulations to everyone who won an award and if you didn't win 1, go harder next tournament and try your hand.
Staff awards
Best Overall Staff Member: @Ari 
( Runner up: Ali Tbeek )
Best High Council: @Ali Tbeek 
( Runner up: Caz & Tfreeze )
Best Council: @Aminuz  
( Runner up: Stacy & Joel )
Most Dedicated Rank: @Vos  
( Runner up: Ari )
Most Helpful Rank: 3 way tie - @Caz , @Ali Tbeek,@Vos  
Member awards:
Funniest Member: @Joel
( Runner up: Mikky )
Favorite Oldschool: @Divine 
( Runner up: Gnomes )
Favorite Senior Member: @Piff
( Runner up: Yeni & Black Fishi )
Favorite Advanced Member: @Mikky
( Runner up: Help where )
Favorite Newcomer: @Its_Glitched
( Runner Up: Helpin )
Most Improved: @Black Fishi
( Runner up: Bigpkwiener )
Most Potential: @Tyler
( Runner up: Bigpkwiener & Chapo )
Biggest Virgin: @Alfie
( Runner up: Ari & Ali Tbeek)
Best Effort: @Divine
( Runner up: Aminuz )
Most Helpful: @Divine
( Runner up: Its_Glitched )
Biggest Stoner: @Stacy & @Stoner
( Runner up: Aminuz )
Best E-Couple: @Ali Tbeek & @Mikky
Biggest Grinder: @Ari
( Runner up: Vos )
Best Hybrid: @Vos
Best Warrer: @Ari
( Runner up: Ali )
Most Foreign: @the gr8 mate
( Runner up: Joel )
Best Voice: @Joel
Most Likely to Get Promoted: @Its_Glitched
Most Active on Forums: @Ari
( Runner up: King Jimm )
Most Active on Teamspeak: @Ari
( Runner up: Help Where )
Most Active Ingame: @Ari & @Vos
Most Likely to Have Not Taken a Shower During the Tournament: @Ari
( Runner up: Ariwan )
Most Likely to Get Hit by an Ice Cream Truck: @Shaco & @Dolfijnen
Didn't bother listing runner up if the runner up had under 3 votes. 
Congratulations to everyone who won an award and if you didn't win 1, go harder next tournament and try your hand.

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#11583 Have Fun But Be Careful

Posted by Ali Tbeek on 26 June 2017 - 12:53 AM

You can also get blood clots from sitting on your ass all day. Google it, it's common amongst WoW players who sit in the same position, always stretch and start your morning with starjumps or jogging on the spot. 

We can't have anyone dying, that's 1 less member in the finale and a nigga tryna win. Dying is the biggest betrayal. Stay healthy guys. 

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#8830 300M Giveaway Events [5/21/17]

Posted by Piff on 21 May 2017 - 10:45 PM

ef81ba5742f583ee0d31d7f2ac1611f8.png Awesome. Nice.

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#8821 300M Giveaway Events [5/21/17]

Posted by Ari on 21 May 2017 - 10:43 PM


Teamspeak3: ts.lit-rs.com

Forums: www.lit-rs.com

Clan Chat: Lit Rs




Today we had fun spending our 450M Eden Prize money so here's the break down on what we did:


OSS Brid tournament: 

1st Place (30M Prize) ~ @Stacy

2nd Place (15M Prize) ~ @Yeni

3rd Place (5M Prize) ~ @IHYN


OSS 2v2 DH Brid Tournament (20M Prize):

Winning team ~ @Joel & @Caz



People who helped win Eden who couldn't attend received 7M Each:

@Ali Tbeek

@Ice TeaX






MVPs that went hard on Eden and received no $ for going above and beyond got 10M Each:

@Help Where








Then we did a 140M Drop party. 

Hope you all got something and enjoyed! Be on for next Eden DMM :)<3

Post pics of your loot!



























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#14281 Summer DMM Invitational 2017 Awards Winners

Posted by ratemeh on 31 July 2017 - 12:01 AM

Yeni irrelevant feelsbad :/

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Posted by Helpin on 23 June 2017 - 09:42 PM

So bad wanna cry and kill my self! worst app ever

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#10669 Tubby Intro

Posted by Gnomen on 20 June 2017 - 12:19 AM

damn you is thiccc as hell boy

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