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Wildy Wars - Dicking Rot & Taking Home $2500

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On August 26th, 2017 Jagex held an event called Wildy wars where 5 teams were lead by 1 of the streamer team captains (Torvesta, Boaty, Knightenator, Sick Nerd, & MMORPG) and had to fight to the death over a $15K prize pool. Each team captain had a $2500 Bounty on their head and the last captain standing got $5000.


Unfortunately Jagex messed up our team's entries and some people got put on the wrong team...so we went into the event with only 37 people. Every other team had 50 so we were at a disadvantage right from the start. Here is a breakdown of the teams:


Torvesta: Lit+Frontline+JaJa

Knightenator: CT+DI

MMORPG: Streamers+AF

Sick Nerd: Rot

B0aty: Lemon+Brap+FOOLS



Unfortunately Rot knew they were probably going to lose so they started lying about their participation in the Wildy Wars early on. They had Sick Nerd lying to JMods & Shoutcasters saying he was rolling with LiT. Kinda funny how got got dicked and went home with nothing. Funny how that works out. Even though I got DDoS'd by Rot at the start of it, Lit still managed to take home $2500 with only 8 of our members participating in the event.



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ty for tuuutousand  and fivehundred dollar appicarate it 

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Rot are legit disgusting... ashamed to be in the same world as them in tourny tbh...

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LOL That sandwich, If you lose tell them you had some random clan with you  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


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i legit think he is autistic and rot know that all too well


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