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Soloroach Intro

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Yo guys!



1) Current RSNs: Soloroach
2) Previous RSNs: Runecrossbro
3) Location & Timezone: Mountain standard time
4) About Yourself: 21 M Physiotherapy and martial arts interest
5) How active are you on RS?: Moderately to very


6) How did you find out about Lethal Intentions?: Good friend in game 


7) Do you have a pure/main? If so provide a screenshot of the stats?:Pure and main, will update with links


8) Have you played DMM Before? If so, which DMM(s)?: Last 2 seasons and this 1
9) Previous DMM usernames: Runecrossbro
10) What do you usually do on DMM?: Pk, skill, Pk
11) State all previous clans, teams, units, or communities that you have been part of or attempted to become part of: None


12) Do you plan on attempting to join Lethal Intentions? If so, are you aware that Lethal Intentions is an invite only DMM team and there are limited ways of getting in which can be found on the pinned topic in the introduction section titled "What To Do After You Intro" ? :Yes I would like to join

13) If your answer to the above question is yes, why do you want to join Lethal Intentions?: Good mate in the clan, looking for active people to pk with, escape single mode play
14) Who from Lethal Intentions do you know & how long have you known them?: Plaudit; about 3 years
15) Have any Senior+ offered to refer you? If so who?: Deads fail
16) Who permanently closed lava dragons on Deadman Mode?: LIT!


17) Have you followed @DeadBotting on twitter to stay up to date on current happenings? If so what is your twitter name?:Dont have twitter but can get it
18) Additional comments:Looking forward to pking in seasonals and red OSRS

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Play LMS

Play LMS
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welcome to forums

Proud Leader of Lethal Intentions #Lit

Lava Dragons are officially closed.

Winner of DMM Tournament #5





Click spoiler to see other awards I've won




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Yo try to get Dead Fails to get on to vouch for you if you can, he's been away for a while.


Anyways welcome to the forums man, work on getting 40 post count and you can apply.


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what type of martial arts do you do

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