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What to Do After You Intro

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The Lethal intentions staff team are fully aware of the sheer amount of applications and introductions we receive during the DMM Tournaments/Seasonals. While we understand people are eager to join the clan there are many factors to account for. The main factor being trust. Trust is something that is in-expendable and must not be overlooked. Each and every lit member who joined was either hand selected and then invited or did something to gain the trust of the High ranking staff members.
As many of you are aware, Lethal Intentions is an invite only clan but our introductions are open to the public. To gain access to apply you must not only reach the minimum 40 post count and activity/account requirements but you must be invited by a high ranking staff member. 
If, however, you would like to join the clan and have not been invited there are a few options in which you are able to prove your trustworthiness and dedication:
- The first option would be to spy/leak from another clan for a set amount of time.
Contact @Ari on forums for more information.
- The second option would be to buy in. We had this option very long ago when there were too many people trying to join, and this method was used to vet everyone, a one time payment of 50M osrs that goes towards the clan's treasury. It will be your way of proving your resolve and motivation to join the community not only for DMM but for the off-season events and many DMM's to come. The money will be used for future events, competitions and giveaways that we do within the clan and it is in no way for our staff team to profit off. It's solely to show your allegiance to the clan. Contact @Ari on forums or teamspeak for more information.
Once you are invited/buyin/spy for us you will be given permission to apply and will have pretty much an auto-accept unless you fuck up. After your application is accepted you will be put on Trial and after 4-8 weeks you will either be given member rank or removed, based on your activity or inactivity within the LIT community.
-Lethal Intentions Staff Team

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